Monday, October 19, 2009

DIY Basement Makeover: Part 1

When my husband and I built our house 8 years ago it was just the two of us. We had more than enough space - especially because we really didn't have that much furniture and stuff to fill the house with. Fast forward to today and I think it is safe to say we have pretty much filled our house up. Between having a baby, buying furniture and accumulating a bunch of "stuff" we can definitely use some extra space.

We have always talked about finishing our basement, but due to other priorities and limited funds, it has consistently gotten pushed to the bottom of our "to-do" list. This summer we finally completed a project that we have been wanting to do forever - replace all of the builder grade carpet in our house with something nicer (and not white - what were we thinking!?!).

Two weeks after our carpet was installed and I was attempting to put the house back together, I received a note from a PR representative for Rite Rug. (For those of you in Central OH, you have more than likely heard of Rite Rug and the "call Mr. Edwards" jingle. :-)) Rite Rug was offering me a mud room/laudry room flooring makeover to celebrate their 75th Anniversary.

I was initially excited about this opportunity until I realized that we have literally replaced every square foot of flooring in our house in the past 6 years. And then I thought about the basement. Thankfully the PR representative from Rite Rug was more than willing to work with me, and several weeks later, we are on the way to having a finished basement with beautiful flooring!

I will be sharing more about our progress on this project (so far 100% DIY to save money) and about our experiences with Rite Rug. I may also have a giveaway up my sleeve. Stay tuned!

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Donna said...

We are currently working on ours too!
I have never heard of that rug place but should check it out!

Also, are you going to the circus tonight? I got to be an activator too, and look forward to seeing some faces to go with blogs!!

Marcy said...

Hi Donna - yes, we are going to be at the circus tonight. Hopefully I'll get to meet you. :-)

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